Sunday, August 30, 2009

Downtown St. Louis

We also had fun walking around downtown St. Louis....

The State Fair on Sunday was cool, but I didn't have my camera and can't find some of the pictures that I wanted to post from Facebook. At the Fair we saw our friend Jeremiah sing in his group (he is well on his way to American Idol this year), we watched a high dive show and watched a Christian rap group called Grits.

City Museum - STL

While we were in St. Louis on Saturday we went to the City Museum. It is a really old shoelace factory that is turned into a playground for adults and children. They have all kinds of crazy things to climb on, slide down and very small dark tunnels to crawl through. It was so much fun. There is an indoor and outdoor section to the 'museum'. On the top of the building there is a bus, a huge praying mantis and a ferris wheel.

Forest Park and Art Museum - STL

I finally have a some time to update my blog a bit....this past week I worked over 60 hours and have been staying extremely busy with friends. Last weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night was the surprise birthday party I already blogged about, Saturday Heidi and I went to St. Louis for my birthday and Sunday we all went to the State Fair to see our friend Jeremiah sing in his band.

Here are a few pictures of Saturday in St. Louis outside of the art museum and around Forest Park. The park is almost as big as central park in NYC and includes the art museum, the zoo and much more.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Surprise" Birthday Party

Last night a ton of my friends from Hope Church attempted to surprise me with a birthday party!!! It didn't exactly work out as planned seeing how I ended up working until 9PM on a Friday night! They all thought I would get out early because it is Friday, but yesterday happened to be one of the biggest 'due dates' for our GAAP packages. Heidi ended up just telling me over the phone that everyone was at my surprise party waiting for I left work at 9PM, ended up hanging out at the party for about 45-60 minutes and had to work for another 1/2 hr because my work was due at midnight!!!

It was fun while it lasted! They gave me a couple cards and the balloons pictured here. The party was for Sue Brinner too, so everyone was able to celebrate without me anyway. Sue said she was REALLY surprised and had no idea!

It should be a fun-filled birthday weekend. I am leaving soon to go to St Louis today and will be going to the State Fair on Monday, so I'm sure I'll have a few more exciting things to blog about.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


These pictures are from the Springfield State Journal Register of the tornadoes that came through Sangamon County this afternoon. I was working at the office and had to go downstairs to take shelter. We were suppose to go in the bathroom; however it was much more fun to stand in between the glass doors and watch the crazy storm blow through. I took a video with my phone, but can't upload it. :( Here is the article I got these pictures from: