Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Surprise" Birthday Party

Last night a ton of my friends from Hope Church attempted to surprise me with a birthday party!!! It didn't exactly work out as planned seeing how I ended up working until 9PM on a Friday night! They all thought I would get out early because it is Friday, but yesterday happened to be one of the biggest 'due dates' for our GAAP packages. Heidi ended up just telling me over the phone that everyone was at my surprise party waiting for I left work at 9PM, ended up hanging out at the party for about 45-60 minutes and had to work for another 1/2 hr because my work was due at midnight!!!

It was fun while it lasted! They gave me a couple cards and the balloons pictured here. The party was for Sue Brinner too, so everyone was able to celebrate without me anyway. Sue said she was REALLY surprised and had no idea!

It should be a fun-filled birthday weekend. I am leaving soon to go to St Louis today and will be going to the State Fair on Monday, so I'm sure I'll have a few more exciting things to blog about.


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