Saturday, October 3, 2009


This past Tuesday while working in Edwardsville, IL, my co-worker Stephanie and I attended a Postsecret event at SIUE. The founder of, Frank Warren, travels around the country to campuses and shares stories about his artistic blog. Frank shared with us many stories and secrets that he has come across since starting Postsecret. He also opened up the microphones to the audiences for them to share their secrets and stories. The event was extremely interesting and emotional. I would recommend seeing this event to anyone. I have been following the Postsecret blog for a few years now, so it was particularly interesting to hear Frank's story about how he started it and how it has changed his life.

When we arrived at the event, we were planning on watching it from the 'overflow room' because it was sold out and you needed SIUE ID cards to get tickets in the first place; however when we arrived, they were giving out more FREE tickets and we ended up sitting in the second row!! It was awesome!

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