Saturday, December 26, 2009

It has been a while bloggers!

Well I have been traveling like crazy and haven't had anytime to update the here goes my story from where we left off. This is going to go quick - so only 1 pic per activity!

(From oldest to newest events)
1. Stephanie and I went to Postsecret again...It was interesting again, but pretty much th
e exact same speech. Follow the secrets at

2. Heidi'
s sister had her baby: Mikayla Rae Wilson. Born on October 10, 2009. I drove all the way from Carbondale to see the event and we waited until 4 am for blast off. Congrats Jack and Cally.

3. I went on an amazing vacation to California! I saw several celebrities including: Con
an Obrien, Jay Leno, Bob Saget, a couple Piston b-ball
players, Drew Carrey, John Stamos, etc, etc... I saw Beverly Hills, tons of cool b
eaches, Hollywood, etc. You can see all of my pics on Facebook!

4. Towards the end of my trip in Cali, I decided to take a road trip with someone I met out there to Vegas. I stayed with him for a few nights and checked out all of the hote
ls! It was really neat.

5. After California, I drove to Michigan with Heidi to celebrate Thanksgiving. She met my whole family for the first time and we went to Grand Haven for a day. Here is a pic.

6. Next, I went to Texas to work. I have been flying back and forth every week. I will be down there until the end of March. I am enjoying all the food, hotels and reward points! Texas is a very nice place to be. Here are the Fort Worth Stockyards. We ate here a few nights...

7. I am now officially a Hilton Diamond VIP! I can't get any cooler in the Hilton employee's eyes than this... 50% bonus points on all of my stays!

8. Heidi and I just got back from Michigan again. We went up there for Christmas. It was fun to catch up with friends and family. We did a lot of fun things including skating with Jim and Alisha at Rosa Parks Circle...

9. Tomorrow we are going to Decatur to celebrate Christmas with Heidi's family....then I am off to Texas again. What will 2010 bring for us? STAY TUNED.....I might post again next year!


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